I’m sure you’ve seen some Super Bowl commercials already on Facebook or YouTube and I’m so happy to see that at least 2 of them promote adoption. I haven’t however seen any that use chimpanzees:) In the past viewers have been entertained by tricks or emotions chimps are taught.  What the audience doesn’t realize is that these poor animals are making a lot of money for their trainers, ad agencies and products, but they themselves live a life of misery. They are taken away from their mothers at young ages, raised by humans and then many of them are sold to medical research when they are no longer wanted for entertainment.

Whether it is from social pressure or the good conscious of companies I am so glad to see the shift from animals for our entertainment to animals as companions. Both Budweiser and Audi have “pro-adoption” themes to them. I’m not  just seeing this new trend now; Ralph Lauren has been using rescue dogs in his new campaign for months.

As cute as Bruno Mars is, millions will turn to Animal Planet for an even cuter more entertaining half time show…Puppy Bowl X.  37 animal rescues from around the country are entering their foster dogs to raise awareness about adoption. These fluffy, floppy and silly puppies will show the country that rescues are just as cute as any purebred for sale.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday! May the cutest puppy win!


Puppy Bowl X

Ralph Lauren Campaign

Here We Go Rescue Dog